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University of Connecticut Health Center The Li Laboratory


Genome Analysis
ORF Open reading frame finding
SIM4 Genomic DNA and cDNA alignment to find exon sequene
UCSC Genome Browser Genome browser for different organisms, including human, mouse, rat, chick, fly, zebrafish and more
VISTA Genome Browser Whole-genome alignments
LocusLink Report Catalogue of known genes
Ensembl Genome browser, annotation of novel genes based on similarity to known gene, and EST
Genescan, TWINSCAN Gene predication programs
EPD Promoter prediction, Eukaryotic Promoter Database at EMBL, Heidelberg
Promoter Prediction Neural Network Promoter Prediction


Sequence Comparison
NCBI BLAST Sequence comparison
BLAST 2 Sequence Alignment of two given sequences


BAC Resources
CHORI BAC Clone ordering, information of RP-BAC vector information


Tools for Molecular Biology
NEBcutter Restriction digestion analysis
Primo Pro PCR primer design, including standard PCR, degenerate primer, multiplex PCR, etc.


Mouse Resources
The Jackson Lab Collection of information for mouse genetics
TBASE Transgenic/targeted mutation database
Mouse Genome Resources NCBI mouse genome resources
Gene expression Gene expression during development in the mouse. This is part of Mouse Genome Informatics.
Embryo Images Scanning EM images of mouse/human embryos. This is an excellent site to learn mouse development.
EMAP Mouse 3D atlas
Mouse Brain Library Mouse brain (adult and E12.5) atlas
High Resolution Atlas